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Nashik Rising

Nasik Rising ….. Investment Destination

Mumbai, Pune and Nasik is the Golden Triangle of India. The triangle has succeeded to furnish the golden opportunities to every industrial sector. Nasik is the most benefited city among them to clutch the opportunities. And real estate is not exempted to it. The city is the undoubtedly wine capital of India and healthy environment and continuous supply of skilled labors are encouraging the IT industry to make their favorite destination.
Nashik Property Nashik Property Nashik Property
Ramkund Gangaghat Trimbakeshwar Sai Baba Temple (Shirdi)

Nasik Infrastructure & industries

Nashik Property Nashik Property Nashik Property
Largest flyover in India HAL Govt Note Press

Education Hub

Pune University Centr Upcoming and Yashwantrao Open Univercity
Maharashtra Univercity of Health Scinece and 40 Major Institutions of Engg,Medical,Management

Next suburb of Mumbai:

Affordable prices, peaceful civic life, cosmopolitan ambience, convenient public transport systems, good education set up, excellent employment and self-employment potentials, and cozy entertainment facilities like multiplexes, Nasik is really the best place for settlement. As a result, the city is undoubtedly going to be a new suburb of Mumbai in the nearest future.


Nashik Property Nashik Property Nashik Property
Nasik is famous for grapes, onions, and tomatoes. . Also Known As Wine Capital of India.

Roads, Railways & Airport

Nasik is on the intersection of two National Highways: the Mumbai–Agra highway NH-3 and the Nasik–Pune Highway NH-50. Apart from these, other major cities like Aurangabad are connected via a state highway. Nasik is easily accessible by road from Gujarat state in western India. Nasik Road Railway Station, also Manmad & Bhusawal Junctions are nearby.Ozar & Gandhinagar Airport

Major industries

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Nasik MIDC area include: Bosch India, Mahindra and Mahindra, CEAT, Thyssen Krupp, Atlas Copco. Nasik is also emerging as a business process outsourcing (BPO/IT) destination. Nasik is part of Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridaor.There is also has some textile industry. Nasik also has 36 world class wineries out of 74 in Maharashtra. Nasik is known as the "wine capital of India.Liquor manufacturing factories,