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Maitreya Realtors and A.R.C. enter into a strategic alliance

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Mumbai, November 12, 2014: Maitreya Realtors and Constructions Pvt Ltd andA.R.C., an association of Real Estate Consultants announced their strategic alliance on 5 th November at an event where some of the most eminent minds from the real estate sector converged and presented their vision and development plans.

Maireya Realtors, a pioneer in inclusive development of real estate properties across the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat is committed to ensure holistic development of commercial as well as residential real estate across the two states. ARC, on the other hand, is association of Real Estate Consultants, registered in December 2008 as a non profit organization under public trust. For Maitreya Realtors, this strategic tie-up with A.R.C. is a significant beginning to maximise the potential of development in Nashik and serve interests of all the stakeholders i.e. real estate players, real estate consultants, business community as well as the masses at large. The alliance amalgamates the expertise of experienced members of ARC in getting people of the nearby areas to know about Maitreya’s projects and also ensure harnessing of underlying business opportunities for them.

Currently, the footfall ratio for projects in Nashik is 70 percent from Mumbai and 30 percent from Nashik. The Maitreya – A.R.C. alliance is aiming to increase this ratio, the productivity and footfall for multitude of projects in Nashik in a win - win situation. The event witnessed some thought provoking presentations by Mr. Targaonkar, Mr. Bhavsar, Mr. Shenoy and a detailed presentation about Maitreya Realtors and its vision towards developing Nashik. It was attended by key officials from Maitreya Realtors includingMrs. Varsha Satpalkar , CMD, Maitreya Group; Mr. Pankaj Srivastav, COO, Maitreya Realtors, Mr. Gurudatt Shenoy, Director, Maitreya Group,Mr. Umesh Bhavsar, Regional Head, Maitreya Realtors, Regional Sales Manager Mr Kaushik Bhattacharya andMr. Datta Targaonkar, a close associate and a well wisher. The event also saw enthusiastic participation from A.R.C. and was marked with the presence of Mr. Dnyashwar Dhamne, President A.R.C.; Mr. Raju Kotkar, Vice President;Mr. Prashant Agnihotri, Secretary; Mr. Deepak Kalvit, Ex-President; Mr. Ravi Suryavanshi, Treasurer; Mr. Nilesh Sonje, Deputy Secretary and 30 other key members of A.R.C.

Mrs. Varsha Satpalkar, Chief Managing Director from Maitreya Group expressed an upbeat view on their association with Real Estate Consultants, “The Real Estate Consultants look forward to make a healthy business relation with us due to the goodwill they have in the market and most importantly the legal aspect of the project has no obligations.”

Keeping up with its commitment to inclusive and sustainable development of the society, Maitreya Realtors and Constructions Pvt Ltd. and A.R.C. made a profound beginning through the alliance to garner a deeper interest in Nashik’s holistic development from the business and real estate community. CCI Newswire