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ABOUT Association of Real Estate Consultants

This group is actively seeking strategic inputs from experienced professionals and related institutions. ARC business meetings are held on every Sunday (10.30.00-12.30.00 p.m.) at 2nfd floor,Jondhale Complex,Opp Kulkarni Garden,Nasik. Having started in the year 2008, the ARC today has more than 100members..
Many ARC members have formed syndicate and have earned a remarkable success.
A facilitator, ARC catalyses change by working closely with Real estate professionals , enhancing their efficiency, competitiveness and expanding business opportunities in sector through a range of specialised services and natoional linkages. It also provides a platform for sectoral consensus building and networking. Major emphasis is laid on projecting a positive image of business.
Thus making people more efficient, entrepreneurial and innovative, to make sector even more competitive, across all sections of society, at all levels – Global, National, Regional, State and Zonal.
ARC is a non-government, not-for-profit, industry led and industry managed organisation, playing a proactive role in Nasiks development process. , it is Nasik's premier business association, with a direct membership of over 100 members.

            The Social Welfare Association of Real Estate Consultants, Nashik is the largest Association having more than 100 professional members, in North Maharashtra. ARC founder President is Mr Deepak Kalwit and president is Mr D.J.Dhamne.The members of ARC are carrying on their Brokerage business with Ethics and within frame work of Law of the Land. ARC provides regular Training, on current topics, to keep members updated on various issues and challenges in day-to-day business. ARC believes in developing soft skills of the members to do business at National / International level by offering various opportunities through association with National and International real estate community.
ARC is the credible voice of real estate profession in and around Nashik.


            ARC is affiliated to National Association of Realtors – India (NAR India) which is association of local city association of different city associations, all over India. NAR India offers various on line and off line Certificate Courses to its members at local city associations. At present 28 plus local city associations are affiliated to NAR India, who organizes various Training programmes and Convention at National and Local level to give an opportunity to meet various broker communities in various Metros / Cities and Towns. That gives an opportunity to Brokers to meet other brokers from his area of interest.

Building Trust in Real Estate Sector.

“Encouraging Members by providing education and values, for Transparent  Services and carrying on Ethical Practices in Real Estate.”

ARC Constitution
The Social Welfare Association of Real Estate Consultants (ARC) has been registered in December 2008 as a non-profit organization under the Public Trust Act.

The objectives of ARC is to streamline and promote the profession of real estate brokerage in and around Nashik, to achieve transparency, accountability, fair dealing and ethical practices for overall good governance in the industry.

ARC conducts the following major activities:

  • Weekly business meeting (Sharing business proposals)
  • ARC Knowledge Forum – gives an opportunity to hear from experts in Real Estate
  • Provides education and soft skills for best practices
  • Establish bilateral agreements with other local organizations
  • Conduct conferences, event, exhibition, lectures, etc.
  • Act as a common voice of the brokerage community
  • Represent real estate community with government at national, state and local levels
  • Every member follows the CODE OF ETHICS
  • Social activities like Blood Donation Camp, Tree Plantation, etc.

Any Individual, Firm, Company operating in the field of Real Estate Brokerage can become member of ARC.
ARC offers Life Membership and Associate membership
The key benefits of acquiring ARC membership are:

  • Opportunity for skill upgradation through   various education programs, conference and conventions on a continuing basis
  • Get an access to Website of ARC
  • National and International level business networking opportunities.
  • Get an opportunity of prelaunch offers from various developers
  • Opportunity to do business as a channel partner with major Developers like Lodha Group, Song Bird, Lavasa City, Nirmal Developers, Viridian City and many more….
  • Access to accepted standard procedures, practices and products
  • Consumer recognition in local as well as global markets
  • Platform for lobbying with governments for benefit of the profession
  • Platform for grievance redressal and conflict resolution
  • Access to the globally recognized REALTOR logo, subject to conditions
Board Memebers


Sr.No. Name Cell FIRM Name Email
1 Amit Wagh 9422274495 Amit Estate Consultant
2 Anil Ambekar 9823136320 Aditi Properties
3 Arun Shahane 9689049062 Rajlaxmi Realtors
4 Akshay Hanswani 9371364447 D J Builders
5 Amol Kasliwal 9423968997 Amolka Developers
6 Ashish Sisodia 9422758139 Sisodia Properties
7 ATUL Ladhe 9423972886
8 B V Ayarekar 9371139000 Ayarekar Properties
9 Balaji Pingle 9890157271 Satyam Builders & Developers
10 D J Dhamne 9423930253 D J Realtors
11 Dr.Vishwas Savkar 9422253763 Ecoline Land Developers
12 Dhiraj C. Manwani 9422111575 Manwani Real Estates
13 Pratik Salunke 9423094815 Pratik Properties
14 Deepak Kalwit 9422271271 Sanika Properties
15 Gopalsingh Rajput 9850890390 Swen Properties
16 Hemant Sonawane 9822225832 Nishad Properties
17 Jayant Khandve 8149019615 Geeta Properties
18 Jayant Govardhane 9226471350 Sunshine Properties
19 Jeetendra Rajput 9881698236 Jeetendra Properties
20 Kishor Purkar 9371725142 SHREEHARI BUILDCON
21 Milind Kalwit 9422248183 Sanika Properties Pvt.Ltd
22 Manik Ghumre 9860708393 Stockrich Properties
23 Manoj Mukhi 9820209498 Homeland Consultant & Developers
24 Madhur Agrawal 9422775149 SHREEKUNJ REALTY
25 Manzoor Shaikh 9423901592 Graph Properties
26 MUKESH S. DONDE 9371769116 Akar Properties Pvt. Ltd
27 Nandalal Koli 9028339694 Nasik Landmark Properties
28 Naresh Khiyani 9604009053 N K Properties
29 Narendra Patil 9011004404 Shree Properties
30 Nilesh Sonaje 9823488837 Sonaje Infastructure
31 Nitin Dharankar 9823272955 Graph Properties
32 Nitin Kotkar 9850029423 Dream Home Construction
33 Nikhil Mate 9970318222 Nasik Property Deals
34 Nilesh Rajebahadur 9225117106 Hrishikesh Properties
35 Nilesh Yeole 9822263744 Suyash Properties
36 Pavan Rathi 9850555252 Hari Om Real Estate Consultants
37 Pradeep Randhir 9822313636 Randhir Real estates
38 Prashant Agnihotri 9373903138 Janseva Real Estate Consultants
41 Prakash Deshpande 9822820042    
42 Rajesh Panjwani 9822146660 Chhatra Chhaya
43 Rajendra Kotkar 9422272725
44 RAJENDRA P. WAJE 9890223105 Shivdatta Estate Agency
45 Ravindra Suryawanshi 9823155711 Suryawanshi Properties
46 Ravindra Sonaje 9371522951 S B Realtors
47 Sachin Adgaonkar 9960999986 Suvarna Nakshatra
48 Sagar Bhatiya 9890563632 Sagar Consultants
49 Sachin More 9422274599 More Estates
50 Sandeep Joshi 9423900176 Joshi & Joshi Associates
51 Sagar Bhadane 9225113123 True Properties
52 Samir Gaikwad 9423178929 Gaikwad Properties
53 Sameer Pawar 9422270201 Rudraa Properties
54 Sanjay Sonar 9922522522 Golden Deals
55 Shashikant Chaure 9890008885 Chaure Estates
56 Vikrant Avhad 9373926654 Viva Associates
57 Vasant Sonawane 9860608989 Abhiraj Properties
58 Vandana Shinde 9423486193 Gaurav Properties
59 vivek Agnihotri 9270756746 Shree Varya Properties
60 Vandesh Wani 9322281376
61 Viraj Patil 9890632323 Mate Associates
62 Vivek Mishal 9881256288 Govind Real Estate
63 Yogesh Rane 9422255845 Yogesh Rane Properties
64 Matin Merchant 9890640392 Good Will Estates
65 Satyajit Mahajan 9890343708 Mahajan Buildcon
66 Deepak Lad 9372750445 Shree Dattaraj Properties
67 Manoj Kenge 9823099811 Make Properties
68 Avinash Palekar 9373896904 ACP Associates
69 Sunil Shejwal 9372051561 Atharva International
70 Nitin Dhamne 9422255777 Annapurna Developers
71 Devdatta Jaykhedkar 9921261693
72 Sanjay Agrawal 9422945667 Sanjay Estate Consultancy & Land Developers
73 Girish Vijan 9325498619 GR REALTY
74 Piyush Rane 9850199448 Ashirwad Investments
75 Rupesh Shirode 9158991490 TRINETRA PROPERTIES
76 Prakash Rakibe 9850143069 Rakibe Properties
77 Anand Warkhede 8975916169 Darshan Properties
78 Mahendra(Nana) patil 9823375484    
79 Rashid Suleman Pinjari 9762014786 Ruby  Realtors
80 Ramesh Bhatu Jadhav 9823126825 Jadhav & Associates
81 Sanjay V. Wani(Duse) 9822023031 Duse Enterprises
83 ANAND S. AGRAWAL 9422249074
85 ABHIJIT SHANTARAM GORHE 9921504031 D J Realtors
86 DEEPAK B.CHAVAN 9422756030 Gangotri Estate & Developers
87 SURESH G.MALI 9421681913
88 Vijay N. Chavanke 9922111306 Everest Buildcon(Nasik) Pvt.Ltd
89 Vinod Patil 9822295521 Destiny 99
90 Sanjay N.Kothawade 9422249109
91 Narendra A. Jadhav 9822564254 Durvankur Buildcon
92 Prakash Kathpal 9890633054 Skylight inv. & Properties
93 Rakesh C. Amrutkar 9271538602 Pavanputra Properties Consultant  
94 Kedar M. Kulkarni 9028666159
95 Ganesh K.Metkar 7588551253
96 Anup S. Roongta 9850388107 Roongta Buildcon Ltd
97 Dr. Rajesh m.Pande 9422251707 Govind Builders
98 Manish Kottkonda 7588455527 D J Realtors
99 Dinesh Sharma
Dupont Consulting Pvt.Ltd
100 Yogesh Shinde
100 sq.ft
101 Neha Luthra
102 Kaustubh Dhamne
103 Chetan Sonawane
104 Piyush Patel
105 Vaishali R.Shahane
Raj Real Estate Consultant
106 Sudhir Rawale
107 Rajendra Adhav
Nirmal Niketan
108 Shreyas Adhav
Nirmal Niketan
109 Vinit Picah
110 Sagar Mantri
111 Ajinkya Morankar

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